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Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
Archaeological and Shipwreck Research and Location, Treasure Salvage, and Historical Preservation.

Past Projects:
Ambrosia Shipwreck

Mussolini Diamonds

Cortes Shipwreck
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Treasures of the Americas Exhibit

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Welcome to
Archaeological Discovery Ventures

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC is a private, Florida-based archaeological research, location, excavation, salvage and historical preservation firm. We have been in continuous operation since 1989 and are considered one of the most successful treasure salvage operations in the country.

Credited with finding the Oldest Wreck in the Western Hemisphere, the Mussolini Diamonds, and the Cortes Shipwreck, we continue to endeavor to locate and recover archaeologically important projects around the globe. Unlike most treasure salvage operations, we do not take on direct investors in treasure projects and thus, we have no pressure to disburse artifacts en masse when they are uncovered. Instead, we prefer to keep collections intact and recoup our investments from exhibition rather than sale. We aim to change the perception of the industry from one of pillage and plunder to one of conservation and exhibition.

We have never sold relics or artifacts from any of our recoveries. We have, on occasion, sold non-artifact items such as loose gemstones and unmarked gold and silver conglomerates to continue funding our operations.

Our ultimate goal is to present the treasure, in its entirety, as an archaeological exhibit to be shared with and enjoyed by the public and the archaeological, historical, and scientific communities.

We invite you to peruse our website and those of our various other organizations. Should you have an interest in learning more about partnering with us on current or upcoming projects, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Emerald Cross
Emerald and Gold Cross
Recovered from the
Cortes Shipwreck

Archaeological Discovery Ventures, LLC
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West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 USA
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